Warranty & Repairs

What does the warranty cover?

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Everything that we create comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

We accept repairs as part of Warranty, in the likes of re-stitching where necessary, replacement of hardware or repair of leather attachments. In the event that one of a kind hardware needs replacement, we offer to assist in replacing it, and charge accordingly. This process will be kept transparent and fair.

What does the warranty not cover?

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We do not accept repairs as part of Warranty, in the likes of, burns, staines, general wear and tear, patina, water marks/damage and accidental structural damage. Any claims of accidental structural damage will be assessed individually.

How do I get my warranty covered bag repaired?

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Please email us prior to posting any products.

Does Atelier Dickson take any repair orders for accessories from other luxury brands?

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Yes we would be happy to assist you, however we will have to review the product in question. We will advisee you as whether this is a worthwhile investment for you. 

Refunds & Exchanges

Can I get a refund for my custom made product?

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We want you to be satisfied with our products and so we make every reasonable effort to ensure that our products are described and illustrated online as close as possible to reality. If the product you purchased online is regrettably not up to your satisfaction you may do the following: 

A refund can only be processed after you have sent us a written notification to our email detailing your reason for refund.  This will only be accepted within 30 days of receiving the product. 

A refund will not be accepted if: 

The product has been personalised.  The product cannot be resold in its original condition. 

Can I get a refund for my bespoke product?

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The process of creating a Bespoke bag is a time sensitive investment from us and you. In Phase 1 of the Bespoke process you will know if this is a route for you. 

The nature of the Bespoke process allows us to take great care and engage in great communication to ensure your satisfaction and avoid any instance of cancellation. The Bespoke service is non-refundable.

Can I have an Exchange?

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Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.

Care for Luxury Leather

Understanding Leather

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Leather is a natural, organic material, it evolves, becoming supple and acquiring a patina over time with careful use. Regardless of the colour and finish of each leather, Atelier Dickson standards require the natural features of the leather - fine lines, veins and pores to be visible. Leather can, however, be irreparably damaged in particular by:

Prolonged sun exposure, which will alter the colour; Alcohol (perfumes), oily products (lipstick), ink (felt and ball point), which will leave permanent marks; exposure to excessive amounts of water; Each leather is the result of a specific tanning procedure and each article is crafted in a unique way.

What is the best way to care for my new bag?

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The best care for your leather accessories is to wipe them with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth, store them upright - in their dust bag - away from light and heat when they are not being used.


Do you offer gift-wrapping?

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Yes we love beautifully wrapped gifts! We wrap all our handbags in bio-degradable tissue and we hand stamp our boxes for a unique look. We love finishing touches like handwritten notes; tying it all together with our cotton ribbons, including a freshly cut herb branch of your choice.


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