How to Order Bespoke

All our bespoke Handbags are made in our Atelier. We have forged relationships with reputable suppliers of excellent leathers and hardware from UK,  France, Italy and Singapore.  


From Idea to Product

Step by step Bespoke process 

Phase 1

1. Book a consultation to start the process.

At first, we arrange a free call. Depending on your preference, we can use the following platforms, Zoom, FaceTime, or What’s up. 

2. Fill out our Questionnaire.

To better prepare with ideas, solutions and designs, we like to ask a few questions to help us start. You will receive an email with few general questions about your project, prior to our call. 

3. Decision

After the zoom meting you might decide you don’t want to go ahead, or want to think about it for a while.  If you want to go ahead, we  will prepare a rough estimate quote.

Phase 2

4. Invoice no.1. 

We send you Invoice no.1 to start processing your order. You will have a time limit to book your order with a payment of 30% from your initial quote( available only for 30 days), This will be deducted from your final price. 

Design Phase 1. 

We go ahead and start ordering samples of leathers, and components. We create the designs and present these to you. This phase can be online, or in person.

5. Design Phase 2 

After all consideration and decisions after seeing designs in phase 1, we modify these designs and draft, one final design for approval. 

5.1. Prototype

We create a mock up/prototype, from similar thickness materials, and run finishing test samples. Including final samples for materials and hardware. We will meet or send these images to you for Final approval, and with it, you have the choice of two minor changes. ( shapes of flaps, shapes of handles, pocket sizes, ) but not major ones( like increase the size by over 50%, change from a soft bag to a hard structured bag, or gusset shapes) as these are structural changes and affect the design in it’s entirety. 

 Phase 3

6. Final approval of design. 

You will receive a binding contract, our terms and conditions and a final quote for your bag. 

You will receive your Invoice 2 out of total 3 . 

7. Invoice 2 .

To pay for all materials and components required for your project.. Upon receipt of payment and materials, we start making.

8. Making Phase. We start the process of making your product. Depending on its specifications, we will give you a time estimate for delivery. 

8.1. If you ordered one of our Gift Experiences Films - The making off movie with your order, we will add that time to the time frame. 

9. Finish 

We finish the bag and prepare it for delivery.  

10. Invoice no. 3

Final Invoice no. 3 is calculated and sent to you. After we receive your funds, we prepare the final touches for delivery.

 Care instruction, care products if you opted for us to provide, external personalisations, fillers for keeping shape, personalised dust bag.

11. Delivery & Shipping 

We contact you for delivery address and suitable shipping or delivery in person, if you are living in London.


Thank you,

Adriana and team Dickson

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