How to Customise your bag

All of our Day & night collection products can be customisable. After months of design developments and trails and errors, we have selected the best materials for this collection. We are proud to be working with fantastic leathers and suppliers. We illustrate your options in more details and explain our choice in the  materials used. 

Select your bag from the “Day& Night” collection and order your customised version.  

 We offer

Three leather colours
Three 4 threads 
Two Shoulder strap design variations for you to play with.


Choose your Leather colour for your preferred style

In addition, we also offer the possibility to order a bespoke colour from the range of colours the tannery is offering. Please allow 5-15 days for the leather to arrive. Find our selection of colours we love and suggest for you.


Choose from your choice of Linen Thread 

Napoli- yellow linen Cord
Ecru - buttery colour linen Cord
Navy- dark blue Linen Cord


I have to stay that keeping things simple sometimes is best.  the Ecru tone of our Linen thread is a fantastic product. It’s brilliant on most colours, we have it all the time in the workshop, and it’s just gorgeous to work with.


Choose your Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap, all leather,  entirely handsticthed and adjustable


 4 cm wide Cotton webbing strap fitted with leather belt strap endings,.



We do not use heavy hardware in our bags. We like to keep our bags light and airy. 

We do however, use very good quality hardware, when it’s necessary. With this collection, we are offering made in France buckles, by Poursin, fine makers of saddlery and fittings, since last century. 



Our “Day and Night collection is created in best “vachetta” leathers, responsibly tanned. This is vegetable tanned cow shoulder leather, made in Italy, by one of the best tanneries in Tuscany, Badalassi Carlo.

Before we committed to design a collection for customisable products, we had to take into consideration a series of requirements, in order to deliver our promises to you. As oppose to big corporations we do not buy leather in bulk, and we do not hold stock of any kind. We are proud to have forged a strong relationship with our suppliers over the years. Today, we are excited to present to you a collection that does not compromise on style for quality, made in fine and supple leathers and exciting colours.

As a women who appreciates quality and sustainability and also wants a certain stylish look for her everyday accessories, it took a while to find vibrant colours and vegetable, eco friendly tanned leathers. I always design looking to combine a certain elegance for everyday style without compromising on quality. We are proud to work with these amazing leathers here today. Their colour range is absolutely scrumptious. Think of the ageing colours like rich honey ambers or shiny wet stone, or even freshly cut wood, my favourite.

Our “Day and Night collection is created in best “vachetta” leathers, responsibly tanned. This is vegetable tanned cow shoulder leather, made in Italy, by one of the best tanneries in Tuscany, Badalassi Carlo.

We fell in love with their range of leathers “ Pueblo” a collection with a characteristic look, character and elegance. Our entire “Day and Night collection is created in unique vibrant colours, like Napoli, Cognac and Navy. At your special request we can order any other colour from their 16 colours range. (Time sensitive from 5  to 15 days). Please email us for additional colour cards.

The Spanish word ‘Pueblo’ derives from Latin and means ‘people'. It refers to the indigenous peoples of the south-western USA who are renowned as being proud individuals with a strong character. The article name ‘Pueblo’ is a tribute to these people and very much in tune with our inspiration for this collection.  Read more about the inspiration on our blog.

'Pueblo' leather can be treated with natural creams and waxes. The touch to begin is slightly rough on your hands, but even if untreated over the years, the surface will become silky smooth and a natural patina will develop.


We choose to hand-stitch all our products with French Fil Au Chinois Lin Câblé, a specialised linen cord

The waxed cable linen is a luxury thread used in high-quality leather work. This thread is cabled, meaning the threads have been twisted a first time, and then assembled and twisted a second time. The term "câblé", or corded, signifies this double twist. This obviously increases greatly the solidity of the thread, but also makes it more rounded, particularly adaptable for leather work. 

Linen comes from flax. It has several benefits that make it loved by craftsmen, including myself. It provides high durability, and has next to no stretch, holding a tight stitch over time. 

We also coat a second layer of wax when we prepare the thread for stitching. In the traditions of hand sewing leather goods, bees-wax is a crucially important component. The wax, through the friction of the two threads passing each other during stitching, melts and seals the hole, thus waterproofing the seam.

Another benefit of using this linen thread is, its unique property as a natural fibre. It’s fibres swell when wet. 

Le Fil Au Chinois was In France and in Europe, one of the most famous brand yarn in the 19th century, a time when Orientalism was very much in fashion. This vintage formulation “Au Chinois” signifies “illustrated by a Chinaman”. We love their incredible branding too.

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